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  • Thrill Grill

    Name development, brand design and communication

    Michelin star chef Robert Kranenborg created a new top burger for which we came up with the catchy name Thrill Grill, the total identity and fun ways of communication for his food truck and new restaurant. HIs amazing burger we named the ‘Thriller’.

    This was followed by using different social media and a unique website with a live feed agenda, where people could follow the truck all around the country.

    Thrill Grill just opened its first (and already succesful) burger restaurant in one of the hottest districts of Amsterdam, the Pijp. New ones opening very soon.

    People are gonna be hearing, and tasting, a lot more from this burger joint in 2015. Thrill Grill, for the love of burgers.


(TG (admin), 17/10/2016)