210KG website

210KG is a one-stop-shop that can deliver strategy, concept, execution and implementation, depending on the needs of the brand or brief. Across the ever evolving communications landscape. 




We provide considered and conscious communication solutions with a keen eye on the business objective. We look to deepen a brand’s presence with the creation of singular brand messages that permeate across all media, bought or owned. Holistic, smart, and packing a punch. 

From brand positioning, strong communication platforms and brand campaigns, to product (launch) campaigns, logo's, identity & packaging design, social media strategy, content management, guerrilla and brand activation.



This is were we dig deep into your brand, approaching it from many angles to define what it truly is about and how it can stand out.

Creating the right foundation, rich enough to build brand content for years to come, in combination with the right strategy to move forward. With this, media advice will follow, together with an umbrella concept which unites your total communication.





Empty, throw away concepts are a no-go to us. That's where we make the difference. 

We believe in platforms with widespread potential, translatable to every form of media. Original, funny or serious ideas, always with the intention to cut through and to be memorable.

Consumer or business to business, our aim is to make your brand loved and to be remembered.



Everything we come up with, we also make happen. We manage the execution from A to Z to ensure quality of the creative delivery.

But most importantly, we listen to your needs first.




We could have just called our agency VandenBiggelaarLucicMatena. But we didn't. Everything we come up with is a combination of creative experience and passion for what we do. Together we're 210KG.

We may appear small, but we function as big. We only work with the most creative and experienced people for the job as we have the best professionals from the industry in our collective.

Our creativity and capability to move with great speeds, together with strong business insights, makes us one of a kind.  





Business Visionary and Innovator/83KG


Maarten is the former CEO and currently creative consultant of Hearst Magazines Netherlands, the company he started in 1986 (then called Quote Media).

This company's first activity was launching QUOTE, now the most successful Dutch business entertainment magazine, but also women's fashion magazines ELLE and RED. He was one of the founders of Planet Internet (sold to KPN). In 1996, he started the Dutch version of interactive TV music channel The Box. After he sold Quote Media in 2006, he started Bigglab.









Executive Creative Directors/127KG


Rodge&Gordy have been working as an international creative team since 2006. As the lead team for Libresse Europe they created multiple campaigns for markets such as the Nordics, the UK, France, Russia, the Adriatics, all under the same umbrella concept 'We know the feeling'.

They were also part of the international MINI team (global MINI account) and worked as the Robinsons Fruit Shoot lead team for the Dutch market. Their Go Explore campaign spread internationally afterwards.

Next to this, they created the 538 Stereoheads, which ran successfully for many year in the Netherlands. During this time Radio 538 regained the number one position.

Both have an great business understanding, strong strategic views and lots and lots of brand positioning experience.

These two strongly believe in campaign efficiciency. Creative work shouldn't just look good, it has to work too. They're very proud to have won 2 Effie Awards, a Dutch one for the Fruit Shoot Go Explore case and a Russian one for Libresse. 






A small boutique of five, we are open, flexible, and surround ourselves with a community of the best talent in international talent to ensure we tackle the right brief with the right people.

Brandactivist, our sister company is based in Berlin. Where briefs require it, we work closely to ensure relevance and impact across international campaigns.